We invest with creative founders that dare to think differently

We are thesis-driven GENERALISTS who work with you to structure, build and grow your venture.

We co-invest and find you the right investors for Seed and Series A rounds from €500k to €10m and above.

We look for BREAKTHROUGH ventures based in EUROPE.

We think differently to other venture firms.

We wake up every morning and think how we can help our founders with the heavy lifting and tilt the scales in their favour. We love being in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder analysing detail, but we’re also there with you to see the big picture.

But don’t just take our word for it…

We analyse, structure, de-risk, co-invest

and earn our spot on the cap table through our insane creativity, our attention to detail and delivery, and our powerful network. We become your trusted advisors and close friends. Motivated to outperform, we are as hands-on as you require.

We redefine smart capital, punching way above our weight

We leave our egos at the door and jump into battle with you as you build your business.