Our Portfolio

We invest with creative founders who dare to think differently. Our portfolio is built by companies with a revolutionary vision that might change the world.

Beverage Industry

Wild ferment: Why we invested

The next generation of sophisticated, low-alcohol drinks, enhancing and elevating the overall food experience.

Space Tourism

HALO Space: Why we invested

A sustainable, safe and affordable way to travel to the edge of space from 4 global sites via a spacecraft carried by a helium balloon.


Audinsight: Why we invested

The creator of product that is; automated, plug & play, has a 360º coverage, offers continuous monitoring and is delivered from a SaaS platform.

Sports tech – Gaming

Toteemi: Why we invested

A company that gamifies and enhances the experience and usefulness of sports activities. Where users and brands engage in new models of relationship, entertainment, and monetization of sports.

Alternative Proteins

EntomaFoods: Why we invested

An alternative protein company, with a second mover advantage amongst insect protein competitors.

Fintech – Embedded Finance

Valuelenz: Why we invested

A multidisciplinary team of professionals striving to bring down barriers and making shopping more convenient, more personal, more fulfilling, and more fun.