We invest with creative founders
who dare to think differently.

Frustrated that no-one gets your vision?

Finding it difficult to raising finance for your venture?

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We co-invest and find you the right investors for Seed and Series A rounds from €500k to €10m and above.

We look for BREAKTHROUGH ventures based in EUROPE.

Lost when it comes to finding a partner?

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We wake up every morning and think how we can help our founders with the heavy lifting and tilt the scales in their favour.

We love being in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder analysing detail, but we’re also there with you to see the big picture.

Not sure what the next steps are to take your product successfully to market?

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Founders have one of the the hardest jobs in the world with around 80% of seed stage ventures failing.

An early-stage re-think is required. Synthesis Ventures offers a new path for founders to follow.

Humanity progressess when founders are both disruptive and successful.

You are here because you can say yes to the following:

You don’t like to sit and watch from the sidelines.

You are optimistic, have dreams, and have a disruptive vision for the future.

You have invested, are fully committed and have started to make others see your dream becoming their reality.

You never give up, even when everyone around you is telling you to.

If you can relate to all of this quotes, then our Breakthrough Venture Studio is designed for you.

We think differently to other venture firms.

Just like building a sky-scraper, there are no shortcuts, solid companies are built from the ground up, asking the right questions at the right time, breaking everything down, and figuring it all out.

At Synthesis Ventures we are always in figure-it-out mode, working with you as strategic partners as well as investors.

The result is a step-by-step process that helps founders navigate from vision to reality.

We believe that every founder is different, every venture is different, we help you achieve success by being your ideal, made-to-measure coach building around your vision and talents to make your venture a success.

We understand technology, we understand business, we are both highly creative as well as structured, we understand the challenges, we have been founders, CEOs, advisors, investors, board members and fund managers.

Ready to unleash all your potential?

Let's embark on this adventure together.

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